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Life in Lockdown

With the advent of the second wave of COVID 19, it was more obvious that we had to spend more and more time with ourselves. At times like these, with so much free time, and time with ourselves, we can’t help but realize that we can finally accomplish the things that we wanted to do but couldn’t due to the busy mundane everyday life. Yet, we cannot understand why we cannot pull ourselves to tick any of the boxes that we intended to do, and that feeling of being worthless just keeps on encircling us until the day passes by and it REPEAT.

At times like these, it is important to realize that we should go easy on ourselves and have smaller goals that are easier to accomplish. We need to have a good amount of leeway while deciding these goals because it is natural for humans to get lazy during the day and get occupied by other important things. So, to prevent this feeling of worthlessness from occurring, we must have smaller and more accomplishable goals at the start!

Now that we have that all set, it leads us to the most daunting task of fulfilling these goals. We are designed to work optimally when we have a set routine. Have a clear schedule of your daily chores and push away distractions when they come your way. Do the work that you have assigned yourselves at a specific time. Take a mental note of things that you might want to do and they occur to you mid-way your current work.

If preparing a list is itself distracting you and you are not able to give your 100% to your current task at hand. Just keep a small scribble pad or some sticky notes around you. Write all the things that you intend to do and finish them off when you are done with your current work at hand. This sort of system will keep your mind free, more flexible and creative during the day, rather than being occupied with unnecessary odd jobs that prevent us from achieving something big.

Have a wonderful day!

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